Fiocchi Italo e C. s.r.l.

Fiocchi Italo e C. s.r.l.

Fiocchi Italo e C. s.r.l., based in Verano Brianza in the province of Monza and Brianza, has been involved in the production of resins, glues and adhesives since 1993. Professional adhesives specifically formulated to obtain the best results in the application and adhesion of materials.

Our company has been operating, for over 45 years, in the production and packaging at national level of vinyl resins (PVA and EVA), acrylic, urea, melamine, adhesives (solvent-based, polyurethane, based on silane polymers), hardeners and excipients. , cyanoacrylates, hot melt, mastics and special adhesives.

Our technical skills range from the paper converting sector to the wood sector, passing through the textile, construction, naval and automotive sectors.


Fiocchi Italo e C. s.r.l. was born in 1993 from the decades-long experience and passion of Italo Fiocchi who already operated in the packaging and distribution of resins and adhesives for the wood industry since 1972.

Today the company is a reality that operates on a national level, aimed at satisfying other industrial sectors as well, ranging from paper converting to textiles and from wood to upholstery.

All this thanks to the production of resins and adhesives specifically formulated to obtain the best results, in the application and adhesion of materials in order to improve the yield of production processes.

Fiocchi Italo e C. s.r.l. History - Glues and industrial professional adhesives - Verano Brianza, Monza Brianza - Italy


Thanks to the technical support of our laboratory, we are able to offer customized solutions.

We try to satisfy every need in the search for customized products.

Furthermore, we have chosen to combine the production with a semi-automatic packaging line to guarantee our customers a quality and precision work in the required timing.

Our qualified pre and post sales service has been present in our company for years in customer management.

Professional industrial glues and adhesives in Verano Brianza in the province of Monza Brianza


In recent years we have renewed our production facilities and implemented an area dedicated to the laboratory, to guarantee adhesives of constant quality and a pre and post sales technical consultancy service.

Production of professional industrial adhesives, glues and glues


Our company, in addition to having an eye on the environmental impact of its business, over the years has used part of its economic resources in the construction of a photovoltaic system.

The plant is able to fully cover the plant’s electricity needs; in addition, the heating systems from fuel gas to heat pumps and biomass were converted.

Photovoltaic system - Fiocchi Italo e C. s.r.l. - Verano, Monza Brianza - Italy

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