Glues for the wood and upholstery sector

Kerain V: Pvac adhesive widely used in the wood and upholstery sector

The Kerain V product is a high viscosity, single-component, non-toxic, ready-to-use vinyl adhesive, widely used in the upholstery sector.


Thanks to its high quality D2 bonding (according to DIN / EN 204) and the filling capacity due to the high solid content, there are many areas of use for the use of this product; with Kerain V it is possible to glue:

  • cloth with cloth;
  • cloth with wood;
  • wood with wood;
  • felt;
  • velvets;
  • trimmings;
  • polystyrene with polystyrene;
  • polystyrene with cork;
  • polyurethane foam (foam) with wood.

Filming after approx. 15 ‘at 20 ° C and with air humidity at 50%.


The surfaces to be bonded must be clean, degreased, and dry.

Do not apply at temperatures below + 10 ° C.

Apply with a spatula or brush on one of the two sides or on both if particularly porous.

The glued supports can be processed after about 2 – 4 hours after pressing; however, the optimum bond strength is reached after 24 hours.

Kerain V is available in bucket format (5 kg).

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