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Pvac adhesive for quick bonding

The Vinil WR product is a Class D3 adhesive which has excellent water resistance.

Thanks to its peculiar chemical-physical structure, Vinil WR guarantees a very high setting speed with a good open time. Another peculiar characteristic is the ability to show the breaking of the substrate in the compressive strength test.

Useful tips for use:

  • optimal bonding should be carried out at temperatures between 15 – 20 ° C;
  • after long periods of storage it is recommended to shake the product well before use;
  • contact with iron containers must be avoided due to the possibility of the formation of purple stains on the wood;
  • adding water is not recommended.

Thanks to the high molecular weight and the distribution of the diameter of the dispersion particles, Vinil WR can reach high breaking loads and a high thermal stability of the glued joints, obtaining high tenacity films.

D3 vinyl glue: when to use it and with what types of wood

  • pre-finished parquet;
  • windows and doors;
  • bathroom furniture parts;
  • parts of wood intended for outdoor use;
  • tops tops;
  • wood-to-wood bonding where good water resistance is required.

Vinil WR is available in the format:

  • Bucket (25 kg – 10 kg – 5 kg)
  • Jar (1 kg)
  • Bottle (1 kg – 500 g)

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