Adhesive for gluing wooden floors

Eurokoll WF MONO S is a high-strength adhesive

EUROKOLL WF MONO MS is a ready-to-use product, without isocyanates and solvents with high adhesive strength. Specially designed for the installation of the parquet is based on the technology of modified Silane Polymer.

adesivo per posa pavimenti parquet alta tenuta


  • wooden floors;
  • parquet;
  • mosaic parquet;
  • industrial and residential hardwood floors;
  • wooden boards on cement, anhydrite or pre existing wood screeds;
  • ceramic tiles and marble.


  • Ready to use;
  • Easy applicability with excellent leakage tightness;
  • Low viscosity and “creamy” consistency;
  • Excellent trowelability;
  • Quick bonding grip;
  • High filling capacity.
  • Reduces stress on the support: the elasticity of the product reduces the transverse stresses between the wooden floor and the support;
  • Soundproof;
  • Suitable for floors with integrated heating;
  • Product residues on the parquet can be removed easily;
  • Easy to clean by the hands;
  • Very low emissions of volatile compounds;
  • No indication of harmful risk.

Eurokoll WF MONO S è disponibile nei seguenti formati:

  • Secchiello (16 kg);

Fiocchi Italo e C. s.r.l., based in Verano Brianza in the province of Monza and Brianza a few steps from Milan, offers a wide range of vinyl glues for the wood, paper and textile industry.

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