Vinyl glue for cold or hot gluing veneer and plastic laminates

Vinil 171 is an aqueous emulsion adhesive composed of a homopolymer vinyl acetate dispersion, formulated with reactive groups that allow the product to have excellent resistance to water, solvents and high temperatures.


Used for cold or hot bonding in the production of veneered or veneered panels, with plastic laminates or leaves of various wood species, it has been developed avoiding the use of those chemical components that can generate formaldehyde. This guarantees total exemption from formaldehyde in the dispersion and allows the gluing of panels classifiable according to the strictest restrictions.

Other features are the good grip speed and the strength of the hot bonding.

Note that in hot bonding, and even at high frequency, the glue line does not undergo any coloring.

The dispersion does not contain chlorides and amphoteric metals, this prevents the corrosion of plants, or parts of them, of a metallic nature.

For hot use, temperatures of no more than 70 ºC are recommended.

It is used by roller spreader, by brush or by manual rubber roller.

Vinil 171 meets the water resistance characteristics “D3” and is available in bucket size (25 kg – 10 kg).

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