ECO 5 two-component epoxy

Two-component adhesive for wooden floors with low environmental impact

The Epoxi ECO 5 product is a water-free two-component epoxy-polyurethane adhesive with very low VOC emissions.


This product is specific for gluing wooden floors of any type on cementitious substrates or on pre-existing non-absorbent floors, it has a low environmental impact and can be used on various surfaces, such as marble, tiles, palladian and wooden substrates.

Other areas of application can be:

  • absorbent and non-absorbent flooring (after surface abrasion and cleaning);
  • traditional cement screeds;
  • anhydrite screeds (calcium sulphate);
  • absorbent and non-absorbent substrates for underfloor heating or cooling;
  • metallic materials (after application test).

On these surfaces can be glued:

  • solid wood elements without joint 10 mm (lamparquet) according to DIN EN 13227;
  • mosaic parquet according to DIN EN 13488; solid wood with lamellas (industrial) according to DIN EN 14761;
  • solid wood boards with M / F joint with a maximum width of 18 cm or 20 cm with oak essence according to DIN EN 13226;
  • pre-finished multilayer floors according to DIN EN 13489;
  • elements in ceramic or stoneware.


    • two-component;
    • high performance (adhesion and toughness);
    • suitable for all types of wooden floors;
    • excellent spreadability;
    • very low VOC emissions;
    • free from water and solvent.

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